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Artificially Intelligent Vision Technology

Person of Interest

Get an alert when someone of your interest enters your premises.

Tracking and Counting

Track cars, people through multiple cameras installed in different places.

Chef Cap Detection

An object detector that detects whether a chef is wearing a hat.

Character Recognition & AR

Recognizes the object and also the text printed on that object.

Person of Interest

We track faces of all the persons entering your premises with the help of smart cameras. We match the faces with govermental database of Known Offenders and Missing Persons We also find out when your Prime Customers visit your store. Each desired event triggers a customised notification in real time.

People Counting & Tracking

Get the human density for any area at a given point of time.

Multi Camera Tracking

Track a person's route through multiple cameras

Character Recognition

OCR (optical character recognition) is the recognition of printed or written text characters by a computer. We have developed a system to read the characters printed on a card (eg: Debit/Credit Card), analyze the relevant data and show the respective details.

Chef Cap Detection

More often than not, we come across some restaurant kitchen staff violating food safety and administration guidelines while preparing food, by not wearing the chef's hat. We saw many instances where the kitchen staff did not wear a hat or cap while making food, so we attempted to make an object detector that detects whether a chef is wearing one.

Browser-Based AR

We have developed a browser-based AR which scans a predefined tag/code and generates the owner's picture, price and other information.

Hire Us

Well, if you want a customised solution, let us assure you that we are equipped with required tools and expertise to deliver you the best. Write us a short note about your idea along with your contact details. Our representative will get back to you within 24 hours. You can also directly email us at



  • Click the Proceed button
  • Hold the AR sheet in front of the camera
  • The AR image is generated


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